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Mind Map Your Future!
Only 3% Of The Population Sets Goals
Get Focused | Determine Your Destination | Take action
This book explains how to set goals and get focused on what matters most
  • Your Mission - How to determine what you are supposed to with your life. 
  • Your Wheels - The secret to getting focused is setting goals in 4 essential areas. 
  • The Maintenance Schedule - The recommended schedule for sitting down to review and reset your goals. Doing this will help you get set realistic and achievable goals.
Your Mission Or Purpose In Life
The Engine

How do you know what you’re supposed to do with your life?The engine of a car can be compared to your mission or purpose in life. An engine is really a highly engineered piece of art. It’s responsible for mixing gas, air and oil to deliver the needed performance to keep a car powered after ignition. While this book is intended to help you clarify your mission, it will not give you a mission or purpose.

Your Wheels
The 4 Essential Areas Of Your Life

There are four areas in our lives that we make decisions in every day.  Some of us do it consciously; most of us do it unconsciously.  Every day, we’re making decisions in the areas finances, health & fitness, relationships, and mental growth.

Your Steering Wheel
Build A Team To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Your steering wheel represents the people around you that will help you hit your goals and stay on track.  There are different ways to develop a team of people who are willing to help you perform at high levels, support your mission, and hold you accountable to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Your Fuel Makes All The DifferenceThe Secret Formula

Burning 93 octane. Ultimately, what you believe about you and your purpose in life have lots to do with how successful you are or will be in the future. Your relationship with God will make all the difference in the world. Since this is not a religious book, I’m not advocating that you join any specific religious institution or subscribe to any specific theology or philosophy that describes God or a supreme being.

Oil - Don't Forget To Change The Oil - Setting Goals
Follow A Maintenance Schedule

Set Goals Immediately – after reading this book After 30 Days – Kick your tires -  and see how you are doing Every 90 Days – Change the oil – and sit down with your HOP coach.Every Year – Minor Maintenance – Review everything and make sure you are on track to hit some of your life’s goals within a 3-5 year time-frame.

About The Author

Clarence Williams

has spent most of his professional career in business consulting, information technology, sales and business development. Working with and coaching small business owners, his goal has always been to find ways to bring big company applications and solutions to the small and medium business community. He love to spend most of his time working with and coaching individuals who have a burning desire to succeed. Like many of the individuals he’s had an opportunity to coach, everyday is a continuous effort to contribute to society and be among the talented tenth.
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